BOGUK interest badges

Boguk's got green fingers

Adopt a garden (either your own or somebody elses!) and complete clause 1,2 and four clauses of your choice which provide a personal challenge. You should look after the garden for a minimum of 4 months whilst working on this badge.

1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of garden safety, such as wearing sensible shoes, using power breakers etc. Know how to clean and store garden tools. Ensure all chemicals and seeds are stored in a safe place, and know what to do if something is accidentally swallowed by a child or a pet.

2. Know how to do the following:
  • Transplant seedlings
  • Remove a plant from a pot without damaging it to either "pot on" or plant into the garden
  • Dig up a plant to move it

3. Lawn
Learn how to care for a lawn. Know how often to mow it, the correct way to mow, and how to care for the lawn mower and strimmer (if used). Edge the lawn. Know when to apply lawn feed, how often to water, how to treat areas of moss or weed, or how to replace a patch of turf. Or Prepare a surface to become a lawn and lay turf or plant seed. Care for it as it grows.

4. Soil
Do a soil ph test Find out what type of soil you have (sandy, clay, chalky etc). Discover the pros and cons of that type of soil, and anything you can add or do to improve it. Take some steps towards improving the soil in one area of your garden.

5. Compost heap
Create a compost heap in your garden. Know what kitchen waste can be put on the compost heap and what should not be added. Know when the compost is ready for use on the garden, and add some to your soil.

6. Greenhouse
Grow at least 4 plants in your greenhouse. Know how to adjust the humidity and temperature in your greenhouse. Know how to insulate the greenhouse in the winter.

7. Vegetables
Grow 4 different vegetables in your garden. Know how to protect them from pest damage and successfully harvest your vegetables.

8. Flowers
Grow 4 different types of flowers in your garden, at least two should be from seed, the others may be from cuttings etc. Know when to plant out, where to plant them (sun, shade etc) and what care they require once planted.

9. Hanging Baskets or tubs
Plant 4 hanging baskets or tubs. Choose suitable plants for the basket/tub and the location it will be sited in (sun, shade etc) Care for the basket or tub. Know how often to water it etc.

10. Trees & shrubs
Know when to prune a tree or shrub, and how vigorously you should prune. Identify 4 different trees or shrubs in your garden, know where they should be planted and how to care for them.

11. Weeding
Identify 5 weeds that grow in your garden. Know how to successfully manage the weeds, e.g. pull them up, apply weed killer etc Keep an area of your garden free from weeds whilst you are working on this badge

12. Ponds & Water Features
Know the dangers of water where there are children and takes steps to minimise the risk in your garden. Visit a garden centre or aquatics centre and look at the various options available. Choose one and install it. Care for and clean an existing pond or water feature.

13. Organic Gardening
Try organic gardening, designate an area of your garden and try to avoid any form of pesticide or chemical. How easy is this? What tips can you pass on?

14. Garden Design
Use a computer package or graph paper to redesign your garden

15. Build something
Build something in your garden: lay a path or patio, build a built-in barbecue, put up a fence, put up a shed etc

16. Undertake a gardening project of your choice

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