The bane of every Guider's life, so here are some ideas

  • You could send home an empty film canister or Smartie tube and ask them to bring it back filled. Suggest they do 'jobs' for family to get a bit of money for the tube. A film canister fits 2p's or anything smaller. A Smartie tube will hold 5p and 1p coins. (Boots will give out film canisters for free.)
  • You can also use film canisters to collect something in for each letter of the alphabet - then the girls are sponsored for how many they get - give out a small prize for the most money collected and the most innovative collections.
  • Hold a car-wash-a-thon - click here for full details

More to follow ... If you send them, they will come ... (apologies to all film buffs out there...!)



(See also the downloads page, where you will find lots of fundraising ideas in downloadable format.)


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