"Friends Forever" Quiz

Circle each answer you choose then count up how many of each letter you got.

1) One of your best friends tells you a BIG secret do you……. a) Keep the secret and never tell anybody?
b) Go straight home and tell your Mum?
c) Tell one of your other 'best' friends?
2) A friend calls for you one Saturday morning but you've already got someone round to play. What do you do? a) Ask her to come in - you can all have fun together
b) Say you're busy, but arrange to play another day
c) Say you don't want to play, so that she goes away
3) Your friend loses her favourite toy on Camp / Pack Holiday do you…. a) Give her one of your own toys, because you've got plenty?
b) Offer to help her look for it?
c) Tell her she was silly to bring it with her?
4) A friend calls you on Sunday evening, needing help with her homework. What do you do? a) Offer to go round and help her, although you would prefer to watch T.V
b) Say you'll help her in the morning, before school starts
c) Explain to her you're too tired to help her. She shouldn't have left it until Sunday evening anyway.
5) You see a girl from another class on her own in the playground. Do you….. a) Ask her to join in your game?
b) Say hello, and then run off and play with your friends?
c) Point at her and laugh? She can't be very nice if she hasn't got any friends.
6) Two girls from the year above you at school keep teasing one of your friends. What do you do? a) Tell a teacher what's been going on, and ask the girls to stop.
b) Say nothing to the girls, but tell your friend not to worry.
c) Laugh along with them, so that they won't bully you.
7) Which of the following sentences do you think describes you best? a) I really love and care about my friends
b) My friends are good for having fun
c) I don't mind who I'm with, as long as I'm enjoying myself
8) Which group of words below do you think best describes the perfect friend? a) honest, generous, caring
b) funny, popular, confident
c) sociable, loud, bossy

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How did you score?

Mainly A's You're a really special friend! Your friends know they can trust you because you're honest and keep their secrets. You are always there to give them a helping hand when they need one, and you're fun to be with too.

Mainly B's Hmmm! You try to be a good friend, but it doesn't always work, does it? You like to be popular and have fun, and this means you are sometimes a bit selfish, too. But keep trying! It's never too late to become a better friend.

Mainly C's Oh dear! You are NOT a very special friend! You care much more about yourself than your pals, so don't be surprised when they aren't being very nice to you. It's time to wake up and realise how important it is to have good friends.