Potato Floddies

You will need :

1 small potato per person or 1 large between 2
1 teaspoon flour per 2 persons
1 egg per 6 persons
Salt and pepper to taste (may made without seasoning and added individually afterwards)
Fat or oil to fry in

Method :

Peel and grate the (raw) potatoes.
Mix in the flour without mashing the potatoes, and when evenly mixed, stir in the egg(s) to bind the whole lot together. Add seasoning if wished.

Fry tablespoonsful of the mixture in hot fat or oil, squashing down and turning once and making sure they don't burn : try not to have the fire TOO hot or the outside will brown before the potatoes are cooked.

Serve with bacon and lots of tomato ketchup, plus fried eggs if wished.


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