Edible Campfire #2

You will need:
  • 4 Twiglets
  • a couple of dozen or so "French Fries" type crisps
  • some small savoury puff things e.g. cheese balls
  • 1 potato crisp - any flavour
  • lemonade in a paper cup

What to do:

  • make a square with the Twiglets (this is your fire surround of logs)
  • build a pyramid of French Fries (the same way that you stack wooden tent pegs to dry)
  • crush the potato crisp and place in the bottom of the pyramid as "punk"
  • break the cheese balls into smaller pieces (but not crushed) and place inside the pyramid on top of the "punk"
  • place more French Fries vertically inside the pyramid
  • place the cup of lemonade nearby as a "fire bucket"
  • eat your campfire and wash it down with the lemonade!

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