Edelweiss is still copyright so we can't legally reproduce the
words here, but if you don't already know it, it's pretty well
known so you're sure to find someone who can teach it to you.
Or you could even ask on GuidingUK........

This well-known song, which most people recognise from The Sound Of Music, is usually sung while seated in a circle. Each singer extends both hands to the sides, the right hand palm downwards and the left palm upwards. Then, to the rhythm of the singing, each singer claps, with her right hand, her neighbour's left hand, her own right knee, her own left knee, the underside of her own left hand (once) and the palm of her own upturned left hand twice. Once the pattern has been established (whuich may take some practice) if the leader calls "Change" then the direction of clapping is reversed (and the hands turned over, left down / right up) - this "Change" can be called as many times or as often as you like, until everyone is suitably confused.

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