How to pitch a dome tent

Compared with pitching an Icelandic, pitching a dome tent is quick and easy:

1. As with any other tent, select a suitable place to pitch it - as level as possible, dry, no stones etc.

2. Unpack the tent from its bag and check that everything is there. If you are lucky, the maker's instructions will also still be in the bag!

3. Unfold the inner tent and lay it out on the ground exactly where you want it to go - check that the door is facing the right way - and groundsheet-side down.

4. Peg out the four corners tightly : your pegs will probably be metal, so use a rubber mallet.

5. Peg out any other loops, eyes etc. which may (or may not) be around the bottom edge of the inner tent.

6. Assemble the poles - these will probably be shock-corded so it will not be possible to get them wrong, but if the cording has broken and the pole sections have come apart, make sure your poles are of equal length (you may have a third, slightly shorter pole to hold up the flysheet.)

7. Thread the main poles through the channels/loops in the tent, crossing them in the middle : it is a good idea to tie the poles together where they cross, and you will usually find the inner tent has tapes to tie it to the poles at the top.

8. Flex the poles and place the ends of them in the metal eyelet holes you will see in the tapes at the corner: your tent should now be standing up well.

9. Throw the flysheet over the inner tent (make sure the doors are aligned correctly and are zipped up and the flysheet is the right way out!) and insert any other support poles.

10. Peg out the flysheet evenly, adjust the guys and peg them out too. All done - and it didn't take too long, and at a pinch you can put one up on your own!