"Audrey" was originally built in 1915 as a lightship for the Humber Estuary and when she was eventually taken out of service she was converted into a "Billy Boy" - a Humber ketch-rigged sailing barge. (All that means is she has two masts, the aft (back) one shorter than the fore (front) mast. Although primarily a sailing vessel, she does have an engine, which has to be used if the wind is in the wrong direction! In 1998 Audrey was completely refitted and now has comfortable accommodation for 12 passengers and three crew (we would, however, prefer to take a party of no more than ten in order to give us a bit more storage room on the spare berths!) Each passenger cabin has six bunks in two tiers with proper mattresses, although you have to provide your own sleeping bags, blankets, pillows etc. (just like at camp…)

You'll also be pleased to know that she has flush toilets, a shower with constant hot water, an excellent galley with a six-burner gas hob and large oven, fridge, freezer and a very comfy dining saloon/sitting area. Part of the deal is that we feed the crew as well (and they like sailing with Guides and Guiders, they reckon we feed them better than school groups do!)

The plan is to sail from Hull Marina, down the Humber Estuary and out into the North Sea and then turn southwards along the coast of East Anglia, calling in to suitable harbours each night (hence the need to be able to negotiate vertical ladders!) then back again for the end of the week. The exact itinerary will depend on weather, wind and tides, and may change even after we have set off. Think of it as a voyage of discovery…..

A FEW pictures from previous trips...

(Left top) Starboard passenger cabin


(Left bottom) View of the galley


(Right top) On deck, looking towards the bow


(Right bottom) Climbing up (or down) a quayside ladder, just a typical one of many


(Bottom centre) Looking towards the wheelhouse - can't guarantee the same crew, though….

The dates booked are Monday May 27th - Friday May 31st 2002 inclusive, and the cost will be £130 per head inclusive (apart from your own spending money!) If you want to ask any questions, book any more places etc., I can be contacted by email.

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