* You'll need three old bath towels or three large pieces of wood or three hula hoops, AND
* Enough space (an open area, a gym, a hall) for the girls to "swim" to safety after the pirate ship crashes.
* A starting and finish line (rope, ribbon, brooms, whatever!)
* Divide into groups (Lost Boys, Pirates, Fairies, Indians, etc.) - but there must be enough in each group to make it very challenging for them all to squeeze onto one towel or piece of wood or into one hula hoop
* Arrange your groups at the starting line, with this exception: everyone in the group must be holding on to the towel, etc. with one hand (it's going to become a piece of wood salvaged from the wrecked pirate ship.

Here's the story:

"It was a dark and stormy night in Never-Never Land. The pirates had captured the Indians and brought them aboard their ship, hoping to lure Peter, Wendy, John, Michael and the Lost Boys would try to rescue Tiger Lily and her band. [Of course Tinkerbell had recruited her fairy friends to protect Peter and the Boys.] But now the pirate ship was overloaded: pirates, Indians, Peter and his crew, Tinkerbell and her friends. As the winds blew and the thunder crashed, the ship rocked and swayed, and took on water. Soon there was a tremendous CRASH as the ship struck a rock. As the ship began to break apart and sink, the pirates, Indians, Lost Boys and fairies searched for their friends and shipmates and grabbed hold of large pieces of wood to help them keep float if they were washed overboard."

[Pointing to groups] You are the (fill in group name) and that [towel, etc.] is your piece of wood. In just a moment I'm going to shout, "Abandon ship!" With everyone holding on to the [towel] with one hand, you must "swim" for shore - the finish line - with the other hand. I'll be listening hard for a "tick-tock, tick-tock" because you know what that means: crocodile! If I shot "Crocodile!" you must put your [towel] down immediately and be sure everyone squeezes on...any bits left dangling in the water will be eaten by the crocodile. Ready? "Abandon ship!"

Let the girls move about half-way to the finish line, then call, "Crocodile!" Give the groups a minute to work together (or not!) to get everyone on the [towel] - then send out the "crocodile" (another leader with a wind-up clock if possible) who taps any part of the body touching the ground.

When the crocodile swims back toward the sinking ship (start) call "Swim for your lives." And let them swim to safety.

At the finish line (dry land) - everyone sit down to discuss: Was it hard to
squeeze everyone in? Did you try and work as a team to save everyone? Did you listen to each other's ideas? If we played again, do you think you could do better?

Play one more time if girls are still interested - this time you might have the crocodile put a piece of tape or a small sticker to indicate any body parts she bit off! The game is fun to play, with lots of screaming involved, but also is a good team-building game. Create your own ending to suit your group.

Margaret P. (USA)