In A Cottage In A Wood

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In a cottage, in a wood,
Little old man at the window stood,
Saw a rabbit running by,
Knocking at the door.
"Help me! Help me!" the rabbit said,
"Or the hunter will shoot me dead!"
"Come, little rabbit, come with me,
Happy we will be!"

Actions :
cottage - draw outline of roof
wood - hands and forearms held vertical
little old man - hold hand out, low down to indicate height
window - draw square shape
knocking...door - indicate knocking on door.
Help me - raise both hands in air
hunter....dead - shoot "gun" several times in time to music
come .... me - beckon
happy .... be - mime holding rabbit and stroking it.

A second version (not recommended for Rainbows and Brownies!) ends
"Come little rabbit, come with me -
And we'll have rabbit pie for tea!"

Alternative tune and words (not very different)

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