Corned Beef Chuck-In

A classic camp recipe - basically involves canned corned beef and any vegetables you have available to "chuck in."

Ingredients : (to make a large pot full.)
2 or 3 tins of corned beef
2-3kg (or thereabouts) potatoes
Carrots, onions, swedes and any other vegetables you have available - total quantity equal to amount of potatoes.
2 tins baked or kidney beans
Handful of fresh or tablespoon of dried herbs.
3 Oxo cubes (beef or vegetable)
Flour or cornflour to thicken, or gravy or thickening granules

Half-fill a LARGE pot with water and get it onto the fire before you begin as it will take time to come to the boil. Add the crumbled oxo cubes. Prepare all the vegetables and cut into chunks and "chuck in" the pot - make sure there is enough water to cover them completely. When the vegetables are boiling, add the tins of beans and any other tinned vegetables you want to add. Throw in the herbs and stir well. When the vegetables are just about done - you will have to test them, a lot depends on how fierce your fire is, and you may have to add more (boiling) water if it looks like boiling away - add the corned beef cut into large lumps - it will break up as it heats through. If you want to, when everything is cooked you can thicken the Chuck-in with flour and water or cornflour and water paste, mixed to the consistency of cream, or easier still, McDougalls make Thickening Granules which do the job without lumps :o) (You'll need a full tub!)

Serve with chunks of bread to dip up the gravy.

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