How to contact us

A. Non-members :

  1. General enquiries about this website should be directed to the webmaster : click here to email her.
  2. If you are interested in joining this group, click on the Join Us link to the left, or go to the Yahoo group website - click here and select Join This Group. Please note that you do have to respond within two weeks of receiving it to the email we will send you - if you don't we won't be able to approve your membership as Yahoo will automatically delete your message!
  3. We have a new guestbook to replace our old htmlGear one (they are going out of business in April 2012) and we would love you to leave a message on it, but if you require a quick reply please email us directly!

B : Already a member? Great!

  1. You can always contact us via the Yahoo group, either by email or the online page - just log on as usual (if you've forgotten your Yahoo logon details see the FAQs link to the left.)
  2. If you would like to contact the group's Moderators directly their email address is

  3. If you would like to post to the Yahoo group (which goes to all members of the group who have elected to receive group mail to their inboxes) but would prefer to remain anonymous, perhaps because of the sensitive nature of the subject or maybe you would prefer not to be identified by local guiders, you can send your message by emailing the Secret Guider (click here) who will pass your message on to the list without your name attached to it - you will receive any replies via the list as usual.