In accordance Royal Charter of the Guide Association, ??????????????? Guide Company has been formed to provide active Guiding to girls in the surrounding areas aged between their 10th and 15th Birthdays. The Company shall be responsible to ???????????????? District Guide Association for the direction of the general development of the principles, aims, policy, organisation and rules of the Association as set out in the current issue of:-

  • a) The Royal Charter and Bye-Laws.
  • b) The Guiding Manual
  • c) The Handbook


The objectives of ????????? Guide Company are to provide opportunities for girls and young women to:

  • be challenged by new adventures and experiences and achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • develop self awareness, self-respect and self-confidence
  • develop a personal faith and values to give life meaning and direction
  • think for themselves, govern themselves and make their own decisions
  • make friends and have fun in the family of Guiding
  • develop a sense of tolerance, justice, kindness and honour
  • learn teamwork and acquire leadership skills, working with and for others
  • appreciate the environment and how to live in it
  • understand and learn about the world, its people and cultures
  • make Guiding available in ????? to every girl who wants to take part
  • safeguard its members from physical, moral and emotional harm whilst participating in Guiding activities.


To achieve these objectives the Unit will use the Guiding Method which has five distinct elements.

  • Guides work together in small groups
  • Guides are encouraged to govern themselves and make their own decisions
  • Guides have a balanced and varies programme
  • Guides care for the individual
  • Guides share a commitment to a common standard- The Promise & Law


The Guides themselves will be responsible for planning and putting into operation the programme of their unit and for managing its affairs. They shall do this through the Patrol-in Council and the Patrol Leaders Council. Ideas and issues are discussed by the whole Patrol (The Patrol in Council) and are passed to the Patrol Leaders Council The Patrol Leaders Council is made up of:-

  • The Patrol Leaders
  • The Guider (in the chair)
  • The Assistant Guiders
  • The Young Leader

The Guider ,Assistant Guiders and Unit Helpers are appointed by the District Commissioner. The Patrol Leaders are elected to their position by the other members in their Patrol, elections will be held annually. Patrol Leaders then choose a member of their Patrol to act as Patrol Second.


Any girl aged between 10 and 15 years regardless of race, faith or any other circumstance, may become a member of ???????????? Guides as long as she is able to understand and is willing to make the Guide Promise. Members and prospective members who have attended two or more meetings, pay the required annual subscription.


????? Guide Company is financed by:

  • termly subscriptions from members
  • fund raising

The unit will be responsible for its own financial affairs. It is the Unit Guiders responsibility to ensure that the affairs of the unit are administered properly. All funds will be kept in a Building Society Account where two signatures are required for withdrawals. The accounts will be examined annually in accordance with the Charities Act and a copy forwarded to the District Commissioner. If , for any reason the unit is suspended, its funds and property are held 'in trust' by the District until it is re-opened or until it is closed. In the event of the unit being closed for any reason their financial affairs will be wound up by the District Commissioner and any funds allocated to Guiding purposes in the District.

Signed: ................................................................. Dated: .......................................................

??????????????????? Guide Guider ????????????? Guides

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