BOGUK interest badges

Boguk the Computer Whizz

Complete Clauses 1-4 and any four others.

1. Do one of the following:
a) Learn how to use a Word Processing programme. Become proficient in formatting, editing, cutting & pasting, spell checking, inserting symbols and creating columns, tables and boxes.
b) Learn how to use a spreadsheet programme to keep accounts. Become proficient in formatting a worksheet, entering and organising data, using formulae and creating charts or graphs from your data.
c) Learn to use a desktop publishing package. Become proficient at laying out text and pictures in different ways to create newsletters, brochures, flyers or invitations.
d) Learn to use a database programme. Become proficient at setting up tables, creating links between them, creating forms and running queries.
e) Learn how to use a presentation package. Become proficient at creating slides, using effects, placing images
f) Learn to use another software program (not a game), that allows you to do something new. Become proficient in its use. This could be related to a hobby or interest, or for work.

2. Use a computer to produce three of the following, using at least two different software packages:
A Unit, District, Division or County newsletter
An information sheet about Guiding, your unit or similar
An Event Flyer or a Poster advertising an event
A database of membership details for your unit or another club you are associated with
Handouts for a training session
A booklet suitable for Brownies, Guides or Ranger to use on a camp/holiday containing puzzles, information etc
A presentation for a training or meeting
Greetings cards or Party invitations
Graphics depicting Guiding activities, suitable for a website

3. Understand the laws that concern copying of software, access to computer systems, reproduction of info to or from web sites and storage of personal information.

4. Keep a log for two weeks, noting how many times your daily life involves a computer. Find out how computer technology has changed household appliances (e.g. washing machines). What are the advantages and disadvantages?

5. Use a computer package to design a room or garden. What advantages does the computer have over manual methods? Are there any disadvantages?

6. Use a computer package to edit a video and add titles & music to it. Special effects etc should be added according to your capabilities.

7. Learn to use a Digital camera or Camcorder. Learn how to manipulate the images using the associated graphics tools. With images taken by yourself using the digital camera or camcorder, use a computer package to produce a brochure, poster, newsletter or similar

8. Play three different computer games. Visit an internet site that reviews games. Do you agree with their reviews? Research one aspect of concern about computer games (e.g. violence) and discuss it.

9. Help a novice user to learn to use a software package and achieve a result (e.g. produce a poster)

10. Learn how to set up and use a new peripheral device, such as a writeable CD-ROM, a scanner, a ZIP drive, a digital camera or a web-cam.

11. Create a resource pack suitable for Guiders to use with their units. This should be based on a topic of your choice and should include at least 10 activities with instructions, pictures etc.

12. Convert a paper-based collection to a computer-based one. E.g. scan a photo collection onto the computer, organize a recipe collection or create a database of your books

13. Complete a task by computer, and manually. (e.g. write a letter, design a poster or locate some information for research). Compare the accuracy, speed and ease of each method. What are the advantages and disadvantages of computers in this situation.

14. Find out about the current specifications of computers, and investigate the current offers and packages at various shops/retailers. Evaluate what type of package you would purchase for yourself and what you would recommend to people in two of the following situations. Include peripherals and software packages:
a) A novice user buying their first PC for basic home use
b) A family with Primary aged children
c) A family with 500 to spend
d) A dedicated computer games-player
e) A teenager about to go to University
f) A Guide County buying a system for their new County HQ
g) Somebody intending to work from home

15. Show a working knowledge of a computer language and demonstrate its use by writing a program of your choice. Run this program using a suitable computer system and show the importance of ease of use and the provision of menus and on-screen help built in to the program.

16. Create a training or presentation on the computer, including speakers notes and delegate handouts.

17. Complete a computer-based project of your choice which extends your skills

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