A Commissioner's Prayer

Dear Lord, Help me to become the kind of Commissioner the County would like me to be.

Give me that mysterious something which will enable me, at all times, to explain satisfactorily all the policies, rules and regulations to my team, when they have never been explained me.

Help me to work with the uninterested and dim-witted without ever losing my patience or my temper.

Give me that love for my fellow team mates which passes all understanding, so that I may lead the obstinate into the paths of righteousness, by my own example and my persuasive tones instead of busting them on the nose.

Instil into me peace and tranquillity, that no longer will I wake from my restless sleep in the middle of the night crying out "What has the CC got that I haven't got, and how did she get it?"

Teach me to smile even if it kills me.

Make me a better Commissioner by developing larger and greater qualities of understanding, tolerance, sympathy, wisdom, perspective, calmness, mind reading and second sight.

And when Dear Lord, Thou has helped me achieve that high pinnacle which my Guiding has prescribed for me, and I have become that model of all supervisory virtues in this moral world ......

Dear Lord - MOVE OVER!

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