There are five characters, Narrator (N), Cinderella (C), Prince Charming (P), the Ugly Sister (U), and the Fairy Godmother (F). They need not wear special costumes but it helps if they have some identifiable piece of apparel such as a top hat or bowler hat (N), a bow in the hair (C), a cardboard or part crown (P), a tasteless hat or wig (U) and a short wand (F). The five characters sit on five chairs in a row facing the audience. They have absolutely blank expressions on their faces, even when the audience is laughing. Their lines are delivered slowly and deliberately, without expression or interest. Each one stands to deliver his or her lines and sits immediately afterwards, each one waiting for the previous speaker to sit before standing, and if the audience is laughing waits until the laughter subsides before continuing.

NARRATOR The story of Cinderella.
I am the narrator.
CINDERELLA I am Cinderella
PRINCE C. I am Prince Charming
UGLY SISTER I am the ugly sister
FAIRY G. I am the Fairy Godmother
C I am beautiful
P I am handsome
U I am ugly
F I am good
N Scene one, the kitchen
C I am sad
U I am going to the ball.
Clean my shoes.
C All right
U Iron my frock
C All right
N End of scene one
N Scene 2, the kitchen
C I am sad
F Why are you sad?
C I am not going to the ball
F You shall go to the ball
C All right

Appear one coach (sits and stands again)
Plus accessories

F Be back before twelve
C All right
N End of scene 2
N Scene 3, the ball
U Who's that?
P She's beautiful (sits and stands again)
Will you dance?
C All right
ALL (stand) DONG!!
C I must go
P She has left her slipper
N End of scene 3
N Scene 4, the kitchen
C I am sad
N Enter Prince Charming
P Try this
U It fits
P No it doesn't (sits and stands again)
Try this
C It fits
P It does. I love you.
C I love you.
P Marry me
C All right (Sits and stands again)
I am happy
U I am sad
P I am married
F I am still good
N The End

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