Sample Letter to Parents re. Census

This is just a suggested format - copy this letter by highlighting it all (text and pictures) by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it across everything and then hitting Ctrl-C, then paste it into Word or a similar WP program (Ctrl-V or select "paste" in the menu bar.) You can then edit any parts you want (particularly the bits in red) before printing out as many copies as you need.

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Every year, on or around Thinking Day (February 22nd - the birthdays of both Lord and Lady Baden-Powell) the Guide Association conducts a census of its membership and every member, whether aged 5 or 65, and everyone in between, is asked to pay a membership levy.

This sum is in part to pay for the incidental expenses of running such a huge organisation, but most of the money is in fact an insurance premium to cover the individual members (including your daughter.)

The individual units do NOT get any of this money - we are all entirely self-supporting.

This year the amount payable per girl (and per leader - we also have to pay!) is 12.50. We are able to pay a portion of this out of unit funds, but we must ask you to contribute 10 per girl. When compared with memberships of clubs, dance classes, music lessons, etc., - and the Scouts - you will see that we are actually quite inexpensive, and DEFINITELY worth every penny!!

Please make cheques payable to name of your unit's Bank / Building Society account (although cash is perfectly acceptable too;) we need the money in by last date for payments so it can be paid in by Thinking Day.


Thank you

Sign with your name (and other Guiders' names if relevant)