1) Find a good location that will let you have a car wash, and schedule it at least 4-6 weeks in advance. (Have a rain date as well.) We were able to use a local bank (closed on Saturday). Other places to check include stores like Wal-mart or churches on busy streets. (This was the hardest step for us.)

2) Create paperwork. Make up some donor receipts. The receipt includes the date and location of the car-wash-a-thon. Give each girl an info sheet, a donor tally sheet and an envelope to collect the donations.
(The donations are a direct gift to the GS troop.)

3) The girls ask friends, neighbors, and family members to donate to the car-wash-a-thon. The car wash is FREE (donations are accepted, of course.) Suggested donation is $5. Encourage all donors to come for their FREE car wash.

4) The girls prepare posters for the FREE car wash. Put some near the car wash location on bulletin boards, and have some for girls to hold up on the sidewalk during the car wash to alert passers-by.

5) One girl makes a nice donations collection can/box. Have a card table to place it on. Have a girl prepare a "customer hospitality center". Set up some folding chairs for customers to sit on while they wait. You can serve coffee or lemonade and GS cookies (from the freezer if necessary) to customers while they wait.

6) Get all your washing supplies - hoses, buckets, car wash detergent, sponges, rags, towels. (Thrift stores that take donations are a good place to ask for donations of rags and old towels. Yard sales are another good low-cost source.) Schedule girls and parent volunteers to work shifts. (Don't forget sunscreen!)

7) Hold the car wash. Some customers are previous donors, but many are just passing by. Most everyone who stops in will also donate money.

8) Send a nice thank you card, signed by all the girls, to your location sponsor!

(GSUSA suggestion : we may need to be more flexible re. dates, given the vagaries of the British climate, but the idea is still sound!)



(See also the downloads page, where you will find lots of other fundraising ideas in downloadable format.)



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