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BOGUK goes Car Crazy

Complete all clauses. Be aware of safety precautions throughout.

1. Check the level of oil. Know what grade of oil to use in your vehicle. Know where in your area you can dispose of oil in an ecologically sound manner.

2. Check the battery fluid and understand how to put a battery on charge.

3. Check the cooling system and understand the need for and effects of anti-freeze.

4. Check and adjust tyre pressures, check the tread depth and know the signs of uneven wear and the significance of this.

5. Learn how to change a wheel, and practise doing it (For our friends in the USA, please replace "wheel" with "tire").

6. Check the brake, clutch and other fluid levels.

7. Learn how to jump-start a car.

8. Clean a car thoroughly, both internally and externally. Know what products to use, and which to avoid.

9. Check the windscreen wipers and washers. Demonstrate how to change wiper blades and adjust washer nozzles. Demonstrate how to fill a washer bottle.

10. Read a road map, and an A-Z style street map and be able to give accurate directions to somebody.

11. Re-read the Highway Code and answer a "driving test" style quiz gaining over 80%.

12. Know how to keep yourself and passengers safe in an emergency. Consider how you would amend your actions in the following situations:
  • On a motorway
  • When driving alone
  • With young children in the car
  • On a remote country lane

13. Assemble an "emergency kit" and keep it in your car. What will you put in it, and why?

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