CANADIAN CAMPFIRE FOOD from Jean in Winnipeg

We have a few best favourites locally -

Wrap half a tinned pear in foil, first putting an After 8 mint in the hollow.
Warm it up in the coals. MMM good!

Singing apples
Spear an apple with your stick, and roast it over the coals. You can roll it in
a cinnamon/sugar mix if you like. The girls call these 'singing apples'
because of the sizzling noise made when the juices run.

A sandwich made with tinned apple sauce between oatmeal cookies, wrapped in
tinfoil and warmed through, is another crowd-pleaser.

Ring doughnut sliced in half with pineapple ring and maybe some brown sugar in
between the 2 halves, wrapped in foil and warmed up, is quite excellent too.

We have pie irons, so pie filling and white bread make delicious little cherry
/ apple / blueberry turnovers.


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