Campfire Programme on the theme of "Animals"

The best campfires start with an introduction, provide an assortment of action songs for the energetic, repeat-after-me songs for those who are new to campfire singing, and teach one or two new songs too; they build up to a climax and then wind down with a few quiet songs before going off to bed. Intersperse the songs with sketches and solo turns (to give the campfire leader a rest if nothing else!) Don't try to do it all from memory - have a written note to remind you of what you had planned, and above all, "play it by ear" - be sensitive to the mood of the group and be prepared to adjust or even abandon parts of your programme accordingly. Most important - enjoy yourself!

Introduction - light the fire! Campfire's Burning (OK, it's not animals, but we ALWAYS sing it......)

To get everyone singing

Repeat-after-me songs and ones to get everyone on their feet.....

Songs EVERYBODY knows

...or are sooooo easy to pick up!!

Chants etc.
Silly Songs
Quiet Songs
Solo "turns"
Closing songs

I don't know any "animally" closing songs, but three of the best general closing songs are :

and of course, Kum Ba Yah

The above songs, chants, sketches etc., with music where relevant, can be found on the Boguk website ; to go directly to a particular song click on its underlined link.