BOGUK interest badges

BOGUK the Camp QM

Complete clauses 1-8 and two others which provide a personal challenge to you

1. Act as QM or assistant QM for a Camp.
Know the roles and responsibilities of a QM, and the importance of having "free time" during a long or busy camp.
Understand the capabilities of the girls and how they can be included in the preparation and serving of food.

2. Complete a Food Hygiene Course, or be aware of (and practice!) good hygiene practises including hand washing, coloured cloths, coloured chopping boards etc. Discuss with the girls the importance of not working in the kitchen if they have a stomach upset or similar.

3. Know how to dispose of kitchen waste hygienically, recycling where possible. Know how to dispose of washing up water (including use of grease traps etc ). Know how to dispose of grease (ie not down the drain!)

4. Create a balanced menu for two different types of weekend camp (e.g. activity, brownie etc) OR Create a balanced menu for a week-long camp

5. Adapt a camp or holiday menu for a girl with a food allergy, religious requirement or similar.

6. Prepare a shopping list, including quantities, for the chosen menu for your camp. Don't forget things like matches, tea towels, cleaning equipment etc.

7. Know how to lay out a store tent and how to store all types of food. Know how to keep food safe from al types of animal. Know what food can be reused (leftovers) and what must be discarded.

8. Lay a fire for cooking, clear up the fire place and correctly dispose of the ashes. Know how to prevent the pans getting too "black" when cooking on an open fire, and how to prevent the grass being scorched. AND/OR Know how to store gas or other fuel, the safety precautions required when changing gas cylinders or refuelling a stove. Know where the stove should be sited.

Do two of the following
9. Work with an inexperienced QM to teach her "all she needs to know". Delegate responsibility according to her ability.
10. Discuss and plan what "could go wrong" and how you would handle five unusual or unexpected circumstances such as:

Running out of gas, with no spare bottle (e.g. bottles not as full as you thought!)
The equipment provided on an equipped site (or that you've borrowed) is dirty, or missing
Somebody forgot to pack the sharp knives/washing up liquid/washing up bowl etc
No water!
Dramatic change in weather
No transport available to get to the local shop
An animal getting into the store tent
5 unexpected visitors arriving around meal time
The girl who was missing from the planning meeting arriving at camp with the announcement that she's vegetarian/doesn't eat beef etc.
Girls arriving late back to camp after an activity
Activity times changing, leaving you just 20 minutes to have lunch

11. Try cooking something you have not tried before, or in a new way e.g. Make and use a box oven or haybox, cook a steamed pudding, do a pot roast.

12. Run an activity involving cooking for the girls e.g. box oven

13. Help to create a booklet, website, or training session about one aspect of the Camp QM job.

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