Camp 'How?'

1. How high is the flag pole?
2. How many tent pegs on the site?
3. How old is the oldest Guide at camp?
4. How tall is the youngest Guide?
5. How many paces from the flag pole to the main gate?
6. How deep is the burn (stream / ditch etc.)?
7. How many Guides can you fit in to a ridge tent?
8. How do you signal “time for tea” on a whistle?
9. How many graces can you sing? List them by name.
10. How long does it take to run at Scouts Pace right round the site?
11. How many different patrols are represented at this camp? List their emblems.
12. How many Guiders are here?
13. How many minutes does the camp last?

.... I'm sure you can come up with others to suit your own camp and campsite!