Scene: a courtroom. First defendant is brought, judge says "what is she charged with?", answer is "throwing peanuts in the river". Judge says that doesn't seem much of a crime, gives them a small penalty (whatever). This happens with several people "throwing peanuts in the river". Finally a girl comes in who is soaking wet. "And what have you done? " Says the judge... "Nothing. I'm Peanuts" says the girl. (groan).


Someone's waiting at the bus stop, looking up at the sky. Someone else joins the queue (line!), looks where she's looking, can't work out what she's looking at. More and more people come & look up, trying to see what the rest are staring at. Eventually someone asks the girl at the front, and she says "I'm not looking at anything, I just have a stiff neck".


Explain that you're going to give a ski-ing lesson to 3 volunteers from the audience. Get them to demonstrate various (made up) moves. You'll need one "instructor" for each "learner". Once they've done this, explain they need to show they can do it blindfolded. The instructor stands behind the learner with her hands over their eyes. Do the same moves. The joke (?? well it appeals to 10-year-olds anyway!) is that one (or more) of the instructors has cocoa / drinking chocolate powder on her hands so the "learners" come away looking like raccoons (and probably don't realize).


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