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Do you know who looks after your daughter at Brownies? Do you know what she does? What do your subs pay for? I hope that this leaflet will help to answer some of these questions as your daughter prepares to become a member of 1st ?????? Brownies.


There are at present 2 Guiders looking after the Brownies, Myself as the registered Guider in Charge and ????? who is my Assistant Guider...........


We meet at the ....?????..... on a ????? evening from ??? to ???. I ask that each Brownie be personally collected from inside the ....?????..... at the end of each meeting.


Our weekly meetings are designed to be fun, based around our 8 point programme - these are:- Brownies are Wide Awake, Keep Healthy, Do their Best, Have Fun out of Doors, Help at Home, Make Things, Lend a Hand and are Friendly. We also have journeys to follow the Footpath, the Road and the Highway. The girls also work on badges such as Hostess, Writer, Stargazer, Athlete and many more. Please remember that badge work is not just for doing at Brownies, does your daughter go swimming? if so could she complete her Swimmers badge? Please take time to sit and read your daughters books, it is surprising what is in them. We have a beginning and an end to our meetings. We start by singing the Brownie Song and end with Brownie Bells. We also have an occasional Pow-Wow (an American Indian name for discussion). Here the girls are asked for suggestions on what they would like to do at meetings, suggest names for new guiders, an idea for a venture etc.


Each member of the Guides Association whether they are Rainbows, Brownies or Guides pay a small amount of money each week called Subs. It will vary from unit to unit on the amount collected. Here at ????? we pay ??? per week. However, to save time at our weekly meetings we calculate the amount of meetings that term and then ask for one lump sum in January, April and September. We would be grateful if you could arrange for subs to be paid within the first 3 weeks of each term. What are subs used for? Purchasing badges Purchasing Guide Association leaflets such as 'I'm Going to be a Brownie', six books, Brownie records, accounts packs etc Stationary such as pens, pencils, felt tip pens Craft material etc As a registered charity our accounts must be audited annually by the District Commissioner. I would also like to point out that none of the Guiders are paid - we are volunteers.


An annual subscription is payable by every member of the Association, taken each year on 22nd February. The total amount levied will vary from year to year. The money collected is used for insurance, various projects within the .......???? ..... region etc.


We ask that they arrive on time, in full uniform, that they are polite and always remember their handbook and badge book, but over all that they have fun. If you should have any questions which I have not answered please do not hesitate to contact me at the above address.


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