Working together as a six, take it in turns to find the answers to the following questions.

All of the answers will be found in your Brownie Handbook.

1. Name 2 sixes that we do not have in our Brownie Pack
2. On which page does it show you how to make the Brownie Sign?
3. What does LAH stand for?
4. On which page will you find the Brownie Law?
5. Can you find the Brownie Prayer? Which page is it on?
6. Find Page 40 and use it to help you answer the following questions :
a). Who started Guides and Scouts?
b) What did Brownies used to be called?
7. Use Page 41 to find out :
a) When is Thinking Day?
b). Who should we think about on Thinking Day?
8. Use your Index to find a page telling you about Interest Badges.
How many badges does it say there are?
9. Name the Brownie Journeys that we are working towards.
10. Which colour will your 3rd Birthday Badge be?
11. When will you wear the Brownie Trefoil Badge?
12. How many Fredas are there in your handbook?

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1 : (Answer appropriate to your pack) 2 : 13 3: Lend A Hand. 4:: p34. 5: p39. 6a: Baden Powell. 6b: Rosebuds. 7a: 22nd February. 7b: Other Brownies and Guides across the world. 8: Over 50 9: (Footpath, Road, Highway) 10: Red 11: At Guides. 12: 19