Brownie Bells
Tune : Westminster Chimes

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Oh Lord our God
Thy children call.
Grant us Thy peace,
And bless us all.


Brownie Bells in Welsh

Arglwydd Ein Tad
O Clyw Ein Cri
Dyro Dy Hedd
Bedithia Ni

Nos Da

Arg/lwy/dd - Arg as in argos, lwy as in loin, dd = th as in with
Ein - as Ine
Tad - as Tard
O - as or
Clyw - as clue
Ein - as Ine
Cri - as cree
Dyro - as du in done, ro as raw
Dy - as du in done
Hedd - he as in head, dd as in with
Bedithia - bed as in bed, ith as in Lithuania, ia as eeah
Ni - as knee

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