BOGUK interest badges


Complete clauses 1-5 and one other.

1. Continue to practice good care of books. Make another bookmark! (Can you ever have too many - if you can't use it yourself give it away!)

2. Read at least 15 more books for pleasure. Choose books from at least 8 different categories, with at least one book from a category you didn't read last time, or a type of book you normally choose not to read.

3. Read a book nominated for the Booker Prize, or a similar award and evaluate it. Find out all that you can about the author, why the book was nominated etc. Do you agree with the nomination? (This can be a book you read in clause 2)

4. Write a book review, of at least 150 words. (This can be a book you read in clause 2)

5. Give some *more* books to the charity shop. If you really can't at least lend your books to a friend, or dust off at least 4 that you have not read for years and reread them!

6. What sort of books would you give as gifts to a child? Would it be your own childhood favourites or modern books? Compile a list of at least 10 books (at least 1/2 of which you have read!), that you would recommend for a child in one of the following categories:
* a pre-school child just grasping basic reading
* bedtime stories for an under 8 to read along with a parent
* a 10-13 yr old boy
* a girl aged 14-16

7. Read two complementary books (biographies or non-fiction) and evaluate them. What differences are there between the books? What sources were used? Which do you feel is the most accurate?

8. Research an author of your choice, using the internet or reference material. Find out as much as you can about the person and the books they wrote. Did the author use a lot of their own experiences to influence their work?

9. Study a poem, book or play in depth and gain a greater understanding of it. You may want to use a study guide to help you.

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