Behaviour monitoring

Not all of our girls are little angels, and even the best-behaved can have their moments, but most Guiders will, at some point in their career, come up against girls with definite behavioural problems. This is just one suggestion for a method of monitoring an individual's behaviour (or even that of a whole unit.)

Alongside each of the stars type or write in the dates of your meetings for a term - the downloadable blank chart has twelve stars, you may need to add or delete stars according to the length of the particular term or whatever period you want to monitor.

When the girl in question has behaved acceptably during the meeting or event, allow her to colour in the appropriate star. (N.B. Keep a copy of her chart yourself and fill it in with her when she fills in hers!) The crosses are for really bad days, record them and date them, but don't use them for minor infringements. So-so days can be recorded by not colouring in the relevent star or colouring it in a different colour.

When you embark upon this form of behaviour monitoring, discuss it with the girl in question and tell her why you are doing this, explain acceptable limits, and if at all possible involve her parents or guardians. A set target and tangible reward for achieving the goal will no doubt work wonders!

Right-click and select "Save Target As..."