Bear Hunt (or Lion Hunt, whichever you prefer....)

(Leader chants one line, then group repeats, group slaps thighs as if marching)

We're going on a bear hunt,

We're not scared,

Look at all the flowers,


Tall, tall grass ahead,

Can't go over it,

Can't go under it,

Can't go around it,

Gotta go through it. (actions)


Repeat, substituting

Tall, tall grass

Icky, sticky mud,

Deep, wide river,

Tall, tall trees

Deep, dark cave,

Big, fuzzy nose,

Two green eyes,

Long, long whiskers,

Big, sharp teeth,

IT'S A Bear!! (speed up actions and go backwards through verses) Up the trees, down the trees, swim the river, through the mud, through the grass, HOME!!


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