Swedish Heart Basket

These can be used as a Christmas decoration (they look particularly good in shiny paper or foil), or try them in pink and white for Valentine's Day.  Three strips is a good number to start with - you can do any number.  Two is very simple and quite pleasing, more strips get slightly more fiddly.

Copy the template shown below - the size doesn't matter but the proportions do.

Choose two colours of paper and take a piece of each.

Fold the first piece of paper in half & put a template with it’s “bottom” edge along the fold like this (right) :

Draw round the template and then cut out – you should have a long piece of paper with two curved ends if you unfold the paper:
Do the same with the other colour so you have two pieces of paper the same size and shape.

Keeping the paper shapes folded, make TWO cuts from the folded edge to just into the curved part.
Once you start weaving, every time you’ve done a bit try to open the basket – if it won’t open then you’ve gone wrong!

The first line of weaving:
a) Slide the first pink “leg” through the first white “leg":
b) Then slide the second white “leg” through the first pink “leg”:
c) Then slide the first pink “leg” through the 3rd white “leg”:

Now do the second line – move the pink piece up until you have space to weave the middle pink “leg” in and out of the white.

Keep going until the basket is complete, then add a handle with paper or ribbon if you like.


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