1) Give every girl a balloon & have a competition to see how long they can keep it off the ground. If everyone goes together in an enclosed space it makes it more awkward because they get in each others' way. Set rules such as: no use of hands, no holding the balloon with any part of the body.

2) Play volleyball: 2 teams, divided by a rope / line of chairs / whatever. The team gets a point for the balloon hitting ground on the opposite team's side. No holding the balloon. Lose a point for bursting a balloon, but remember plenty of spares.

3) Silly relay races - carrying the balloon between your knees, between chin & chest, whatever.

4) Another relay race (to do at the end). Everyone has a balloon. Take turns to run to a chair at the other end of the hall & burst the balloon by sitting on it. Lighter girls, particularly brownies or younger, may need help! Don't forget you may have a few girls who don't like the noise.

5) Balloon tapping. Stand girls in a circle, make sure everyone knows at least a couple of peoples' names. Tap the balloon in the air and callout a name. That girl runs to tap the balloon up again (she must not trap it or hold it) and calls out the name of the next girl to be the "tapper" as she does so. Start slowly & speed up as the girls become more skilled.

6) Balloon sandwich: Girls pair off, each pair gets a balloon. They must stand back to back with the balloon sandwiched between them & get from one end of the room to the other like that! Any pair who drop their balloon must go right back to the start. It's easier if the girls are of similar height.

First Balloon Games Page

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