1) Each person has a balloon tied to their ankle. They need to protect their balloon whilst bursting everyone else's. Winner is the one with a balloon still intact after so much time.

2) Carrying a liquid in the balloon and seeing how much the container at the end of the field has been filled pass the balloon down the line of girlswithout using your hands (can be interesting to watch the contortions especially if a really tall guide/ranger is next to a very small rainbow/brownie!)

3) Tack inflated balloons onto a board with a paper with points written on inside each one; each team has to throw something to pop the balloons to get as many points as possible. (May not be possible if you have very large numbers of girls).

4) Roll a balloon along the ground with your nose (put a marble inside the balloon to stop it flying away) - a bit like a Cadbury's creme egg race running along with a balloon between your knees without popping it.

5) The Over/Under game -where you line all the kids up, give them an object, and the first person takes the ball and passes it under their legs to the next person, who passes it over their head to the next, and that person passes it thru their legs, and so on, till the last person gets the object, runs to the front, and the action continues. The rule is they've got to hold the balloon with two hands, one on each end, as they pass it back - and believe me, it makes things rather difficult.

6) Provide the girls with a large number of small round balloons (already inflated), and some adult-sized clothing. Players see which team can stuff the most balloons into the oversized clothing being worn by one team member within a certain amount of time.

More Balloon Games

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