Basic rules for bag-packing (once you've applied in writing and got permission from the store manager).


1) you MUST all be in uniform.

2) ask if you can put posters up to tell shoppers who you are and what you're collecting for

3) have at least one collecting box per checkout - plastic tubs are OK - labelled something along the lines of "Thankyou for your donation to ........ "

4) if the girls are Brownies or younger Guides you will need parents as well - one adult and one girl per checkout.

5) older Guides can probably manage in pairs but you need to patrol between them to keep an eye on things - use your own judgement as to whether you think they need to work with an adult.

6) pack properly - separate frozen food, fresh meat, cooked meat, vegetables, "squashy" items (bread, cakes etc.) tins, and especially "smellies" - wash powder, bleach, cleaning materials. Don't ruin the poor shopper's groceries by piling tins on top of the bread and putting soap in with the boiled ham!

7) bag packing is hard physical work - hard on the hands, arms and shoulders in particular. Set up a rota of, say, 2 hour shifts. If necessary, you may have to leave some of the checkouts unmanned.

8) you MUST ask each customer if they want help with packing their bags - most will welcome you but if someone says "No" then be prepared to smile sweetly and step back.

9) don't ASK for payment - just leave your large collecting box, clearly labelled, in a conspicuous place right in front of them. 99% of customers will still ask what you're collecting for, who you are etc. but will make a donation (sometimes surprisingly generous, especially if they're ex-Guides themselves.) Smile and say "Thankyou" whether it's 2p or 2. Or even if you've packed all their bags, loaded their trolley and they don't give you anything at all.

10) when you leave, collect up all your posters and thank the manager or whoever is at Customer Services for having you.

11) count up the money as soon as you have time and let the girls know how much they's made - they'll be itching to know.

12) if it's your local supermarket, tell them how much you collected next time you shop there - they really will be interested.

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