BOGUK Badges and Awards

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The Silver Boguk Award

Any member of the list may be nominated for the Silver BOGUK.

The Silver BOGUK may also be awarded, in exceptional circumstances, to a "friend of the list", such as a previously active member who no longer has email access.

The Silver BOGUK Award is NOT OFFICIAL and shall not be worn in uniform. It shall not be presented at a Guiding Event, unless the attendees are exclusively members or friends of the list. There is no upper or lower age limit for receiving the Silver BOGUK (hurrah!).

Any member of the list can nominate somebody for the Silver BOGUK Award.

Nominations shall be made by emailing, giving full details of the person being nominated, the reason for the nomination, and any additional information. Nominations do not have to be for list-related activities directly, but must benefit the wider Guiding Community.

Local Guiding activities are more appropriately honoured by County Awards etc.

All nominations must be made without the knowledge of the nominee. Please do NOT make your nominations on the open list but to the Boguk - . A panel shall assess the nomination and discuss it off-list. All recipients of the Silver BOGUK will be invited to join the panel. The BOGUK retains the right to invite other list members to sit on the panel. This will be done at the BOGUK's discretion.

The Silver BOGUK Award shall not be given indiscriminately. The numbers awarded will be small. Whilst it would be unusual for more than two Awards to be given in a month, each shall be assessed on its own merits and awarded if appropriate. A certificate and letter detailing the reasons for award shall accompany Silver BOGUK Awards.

The Silver BOGUK shall not be given

  • in place of any other Association Award such as a Long Service Award
  • as a personal Thank You from you - the BOGUK Thanks Badge may be appropriate here
  • for Guiding in a local area - local areas and counties often have appropriate awards for recognising local commitment and achievement

So far (November 2009) ten Silver Boguks have been awarded, the first six for vision - to Dianne Davies for the website & for the BOGUK itself, to Doreen Pechey for the whole concept of the HGC, Abi and Kim for the creation of list without which we would not exist, Lucy Faulds for the concept of BOGUK badges and all her work creating the syllabuses and Sandra Hill for creating the original Boguk Go4Its. Pam Scruton was next to receive the award, followed by Jo Wheeler, who, like Pam, was nominated for her work on the Boguk list, particularly in keeping us all "girl-focused," Chris Adamson for being BOGUK's greatest ambassador - promoting the GUK list in everything she does, an outstanding contribution to HGC's and unfailing support to fellow listers in times of need (many of which can never be publicly acknowledged!) and Wingle (Wendy Ingle) for her services to archiving and the history of Guiding.

Future Silver Boguk Award recipients will be listed on this page as they are awarded.

Boguk Thanks Badge

The Boguk "Thanks Badge" is intended to be given to a list member by another list member - a "Big Hug" badge as suggested by Kathy (who, if I remember rightly, started it all off with the question "Have YOU seen the Boguk.....?") "Boguk Is Giving a Hug of Unlimited Gratitude." Somehow a hug sounds like an nice all purpose kind of greeting. It would be for anything that you would say "Wow - thanks! That's great!" and give a hug for!

As with the Interest Badges, the Thanks Badge isn't free - the donor will have to buy one to give to the intended recipient. Email the Boguk to find out how much to send and where to send it.

Boguk Interest Badges

The Boguk interest badges are for any Guider aged 26 or over who is also a member of the Guiding UK list. The syllabuses are all on this web site - click here for the badge index - and if you decide you want to join in, you need to choose which badge you want to start with, join the Boguk badge group and announce your intentions to the rest of the group.

Some of the badge syllabuses are more complex than others so study them carefully! The whole point is that they should be a CHALLENGE - you can't claim a badge for things you can already do, so if a badge syllabus is too easy for you you should adapt it to provide the necessary challenge : for example, Dianne, our website designer, wanted to do the Web Designer badge so she did ALL the clauses (lesser mortals only need to do six) and created a new website just for the badge; Sandra is doing Car Crazy but she's already taken car maintenance classes so for one clause, which says "know how to check the oil" she is altering it to "know how to CHANGE the oil" and so on.

Once you have completed your badge syllabus - and it's meant to take some time - you then inform the list members (and me) of what you have done; a lot of people post regularly to the list while they are doing their badge, to keep us abreast of their progress. Depending on which badge you have done, you will be assessed by your peers by email or via the list, but in the end we are all adults, we are all Guiders, and it all comes down to the fact that we trust you to keep your word. It's as simple as that. The actual badges are now in production - just.

Unfortunately we will have to ask you to pay for your badge(s) and provide a stamped addressed envelope as we have no means to pay for them. When you have been awarded your first badge, you will be sent details of how to pay. There are a couple of support groups for individual badges - Boguk Keeps Healthy and Boguk in the House, for struggling weightwatchers and reluctant housewives respectively - if you decide to do either of those badges, ask about joining those groups on the Boguk list! I hope that covers everything - if I have missed anything out, please contact me directly - or post to the list!

Boguk Tries It

The Try-Its are a new addition to the Boguk Badge Syllabuses and are for List members ages 18 and over, with the proviso that those aged 18-26 should have completed the appropriate Look Wider Phase 1 before counting any activity for this badge (and may NOT count the same activity for this badge too)

You may earn up to four “BOGUK Tries It” badges in a year : the Boguk Tries It syllabus is on this page