BOGUK interest badges


Complete five clauses which provide a personal challenge for you.

1. Write an article for submission to Guiding magazine.

2. Write a poem on a subject of your choice.

3. Create a short story of less than 300 words.

4. Write about an incident that had an impact on your life.

5. Write a story suitable for a child under 8.

6. Write a story of at least 1000 words on a subject of your choice.

7. Write a story, poem or similar on a science fiction or fantasy theme.

8. Write about a holiday or travelling experience.

9. Write a "letter to the editor" about a topic which concerns or interests you.

10. Keep a diary on a subject for a length of time agreed with the tester.

11. Write a play or dramatic sketch lasting at least 10 minutes.

12. Correspond with a pen pal for at least 4 months. (minimum of 4 letters)

13. Learn how to write different styles of letter e.g. personal, business, complaints etc.

14. Hand-write a letter to a friend.

15. Write a formal document, such as a business proposal.

16. Write a story in less than 100 words.

17. Write an article or letter in a foreign language.

18. Write a biographical or autobiographical piece.

19. Experiment with different pens, inks, and other writing implements. Which is most suitable for different occasions?

20. Research and write an article of at least 1000 words on a subject of your choice.

21. Write a review of a year, this could be a personal one of your life (e.g. 'Christmas Letter' to send to all the friends you didn't manage to keep in contact with during the year), or a more formal one on behalf of a group (e.g. annual report).

22. Do a piece of descriptive writing.

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