This wide game was invented for a 'Winnie the Pooh' themed Guide camp, which took place in late August 1997, at Scarisbrick Guide Campsite, Lancashire, England. There were seventeen girls taking part, who were divided up into four Patrols. The site had a large grassy area and a wooded area to the side, which were both utilised. However, I do not necessarily see this as a compulsory pre-requisite as long as there is sufficient space for the activities. There were three adults assisting with this game, which we found adequate, although we would recommend one more with this many Guides/Patrols. The Patrols started at different stations and rotated around. The stations took a similar length of time to complete, apart from Station 5 which was more quickly completed than the rest. Therefore, if you have four groups, start them at Stations 1,2, 3, and 4.

The Guides were given a starting envelope with the following message inside:
Pooh has lost his 'hunny'. Your Patrol is trekking through 100 acre wood and will encounter obstacles and challenges before you can get to Pooh's House to help him find his 'hunny'. X Patrol, you are starting at Station X.

Your Patrol has become separated. You will need to communicate by semaphore. You will find separate envelopes with the messages you have to communicate. Only open these envelopes when you have separated. Station A - this station - will communicate first. Station B is to decipher this message on the paper provided and return a message. Station A is to decipher this. (At this point please split your Patrol in two - half of you by one set of trees and half by the other).
Equipment Needed: - Two sets of semaphore flags (easily improvised if you don't have them) - Cardboard to write on - Pens, paper (paper to be disposed of after each Patrols turn) - Two Semaphore charts (photocopied to a large size, stuck on card and covered in clear plastic)

Tigger has been bouncing too much and is hurt. Using the sticks and string provided, make a stretcher for Tigger so Christopher Robin can take him home for some First Aid.
Equipment needed: - A Tigger cuddly toy (or improvise) - Sticks (we used ones from a gardening centre) - String (we pre-cut into lengths)

Owl can't spell (that's why he signs himself 'Wol'). He won't let you past until he knows who is in the forest. The quickest way of doing this is by drawing each other. Every member of the Patrol please draw someone else so that every member of the Patrol has a portrait drawn by another member. When you are finished, put the Patrol member's name (that you have drawn) and your Patrol name on the BACK ONLY and return the sheets to a leader. Owl will see if he can identify everyone later.
Equipment Needed: - Blank paper - Pencils - Cardboard (for a backboard) This can be turned into another game at the end of camp, as each Patrol has to identify who is who from the other Patrols

You have just met Roo. He is lonely and wants a friend. He won't let you go until you find him a friend. Make an animal friend for Roo by using the straws, sellotape and the natural objects around you.
Equipment Needed: - Straws - Sticky tape This can be turned into a competition to see who can make the best friend for Roo. This station was very successful and some great things were made using leaves, flowers, berries etc. Note: there was nothing poisonous about!

A gate to the next part of 100 acre wood is locked. To open it, you need the key. The key is not a normal key, but a 100 acre wood one. Find natural objects to fits these shapes and the door will open and you can progress to Station 3.(?)
Equipment Needed: - Cardboard with 'nature type' shapes drawn on sticks, leaves, etc!) - don't make this too easy!

When all stations are complete, Patrols return to the Guider in Charge to receive further instructions: Pooh is not a very modest bear. Collect all the X coloured cards with letters on that are around 100 acre wood. There are X letters in total. Unscramble the word. Find a leader and tell him/her the word. They will then direct you to Pooh's House where you can find the 'hunny'.
Equipment Needed: - Square card with individual letters written on (different colours for each Patrol), hole punched and string attached, hidden around the campsite
Hint: Make a note where all these are hidden, we managed to lose three letters that did not appear again for the rest of camp!

Once the Guides have unscrambled their word, they come back to you, and you direct them to somewhere where they can find the 'hunny.' I was cruel here and found a picture of Pooh with a hunny pot stuck over his head and I had attached a message 'Too late! Pooh has found his hunny and has scoffed the lot!' However, I then gave them Crunchie bars. You might like to find an equivalent.


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