Range of Senior Section Uniform tops

Current uniform sweatshirt
Current uniform polo shirt
Current uniform teeshirt
New for 2002 : fitted cotton shirt
New for 2002 : polo shirt
New for 2002 and not yet listed on Guiding Essentials : rugby shirt
New for 2002 : fleece jacket

This is the current (January 2002) selection of uniform tops available for Senior Section members to choose from - uniform "bottoms" are no longer specified by the Guide Association although most units wear jeans or navy/dark coloured trousers or skirts.

The new uniform items are an addition to, not a replacement for, the existing aqua sweatshirt and polo shirt ; the old blue teeshirt is either out of production or in short supply, but is still available in some areas and may still be worn.

Neckers are another option and many units wear a necker on special occasions as a means of identifying their particular unit.

Badges in the Senior Section are usually worn on a badge tab - plain aqua for Rangers and aqua with a white stripe down the two long edges for Young Leaders; as with Guiders, five badges (including your Promise badge) is the official maximum number to be worn.......

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