Range of Guide Uniform tops

"Guide Blue" sweatshirt
"Guide Blue" polo shirt
"Guide Blue" teeshirt
Guide Blue "Hoodie"**
Uniform with sash*
Latest uniform teeshirt
Navy sweatshirt
Rugby shirt
New for 2002 : striped polo shirt

This is the current (January 2002) selection of uniform tops available for Guides to choose from - uniform "bottoms" are no longer specified by the Guide Association although most units wear jeans or navy/dark coloured trousers or skirts.Many units also wear neckers as a means of identifying their particular unit.

The new uniform items combine the "Guide Blue" sweatshirt (with or without hood) and polo shirt with a range of darker blue sweatshirt, polo and tee shirt and rugby shirt with a warm gilet to combine with any of the other uniform tops.

*Contrary to popular belief, badge sashes have NOT been phased out but may still be worn if desired. Badges may also be displayed on the gilet, a camp blanket or in any other way the Guide decides.
**Other discontinued items, such as the hooded sweatshirt, are still occasionally worn.

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