Range of Guiders' Uniform Tops

The infamous "Woolly Pully" - warm, comfy and cosy, hand-wash-only and will grow with you........
New rugby shirt : some confusion as to whether this one is for Guiders only or if SS can wear it too........
Guiders' polo shirt - white. The ideal colour for crafts, cooking and of course camp.....
Guiders' polo shirt - navy.
Much more sensible colour and seems to be cut a little longer too.
The blue-and-white striped fitted blouse (also available with long sleeves, and with a skirt to match)
Guiders' navy sweatshirt
Blue Woolly Cardy to match blue woolly pully. Doesn't seem to have quite the same tendency to grow.
Sweatshirt-type cardigan to match sweatshirt and jogging bottoms.
Navy fleece

Uniform "Bottoms" (no jokes please - we've heard them all......)
There are several official "bottoms" available to be worn with the above Guiders' "tops": navy trousers, jogging bottoms (sweatpants) or shorts, a navy button-through skirt, striped button-through skirt to match the striped blouses, and also a navy blue suit. In practice, most Guiders seem to wear their own navy trousers, shorts, skirts or suits in order to get the best and most comfortable fit.

Uniform hats
The only uniform hat available for Guiders is a navy baseball cap. At camp, however, a remarkable assortment of unofficial camp hats will usually appear!!

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