Brownie and Rainbow Uniforms

Brownie sweatshirt
Brownie polo shirt
Brownie teeshirt
Uniform with culottes and necker
Uniform with sweatpants and sash
New (2004) Rainbow uniform

Brownie uniform is much more uniform than that of Guides, Senior Section and Guiders! There is a choice of polo shirt, teeshirt and sweatshirt top, all in yellow, and culottes or sweatpants in brown.

Brownie badges are still displayed on a brown sash, and many units wear a necker, usually in yellow, with a brown leather woggle.

Brownies may also wear a yellow baseball cap if they wish.

NEW for September 2002
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Rainbows wear coloured tabards over their ordinary play clothes : five colours are available (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) and the unit decides which colour they are all going to wear. There are also green shorts and teeshirts which they can wear if they wish.

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