Sample U.S. Junior* Meeting

sent in by Cathy Corfey, GSUSA

In our town, most of our younger Girls Scouts, Junior and below, meet right after school on school property. Junior meetings can run anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Because the meetings are right after school, the children are usually hungry and in need of a snack. Although we have some multi-age troops, many of our troops are of the same age or grade level. Please note this troop only has 12 6th Grade Girls. Other troops may be smaller and run their programs differently.

The girls are broken down into patrols. Each patrol has a specific job for each meeting or event, and that is listed on a Kaper Chart. This troop has selected these four jobs: Clean-up, Snack, Special Helper and Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Opening Ceremony – Recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Girl Scout Promise and Law. This is usually done in a circle with the Opening and Closing Patrol leading the ceremony.
(3 min.)

Snack – The girls usually have snack. The girl who brought in the Cookie Tin serves the others. The Cookie Tin is a container that holds the snack. This rotates on a weekly basis – alphabetically. Drinks are served by the patrol who has Snack on the Kaper Chart. They also hand out napkins and serve drinks. Each girl is responsible for cleaning her own place. (10 min.)

Bathroom Break – girls use the buddy system and use the restroom as needed. (5 min.)

Meeting Activities: These can include anything from working on a part or parts of a badge, learning new songs, making crafts, going on a field trip, and planning future activities. This is usually done as a whole group. Special Helper Patrol can help get ready for any activities that need supplies to be handed out etc. They also run errands, and help in general misc. ways. (60 min. depending on length of meeting).

Clean-up – All girls are expected to clean their immediate area. The putting away of supplies, sweeping the floor, emptying the trash and wiping down the table is done by the Clean-up Patrol. (5 min.)

Closing Ceremonies - Friendship Circle, Friendship Squeeze and sing Taps. Again this is lead by the Closing and Opening Ceremonies Patrol. (3 min.)

Parent pick-up

This troop also has a Program Aide, who is a Cadette level Girl Scout with special training that allows her to work with younger girls and their leaders. The PA is an additional person for the girls to look up to and a girl who can help mentor the younger girls.

*GSUSA Juniors are approximately the same age group as our Guides

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