Sample U.S. Brownie Meeting

sent in by Cathy Corfey, GSUSA

In our town, most of our younger Girls Scouts, Junior and below, meet right after school on school property. Brownie meetings can run anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Because the meetings are right after school, the children are usually hungry and in need of a snack. Although we have some multi-age troops, many of our troops are of the same age or grade level. Please note this troop only has 14 First Grade Girls. Other troops maybe larger and run their programs differently.

The girls’ individual names rotate through the jobs on the Kaper Chart on a weekly basis. At this level, the girls are not yet broken down into patrols as it is thought that they are too young. . This troop has selected these four jobs: Clean-up, Snack, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Special Helper

Opening Ceremony – Recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Girl Scout Promise and Law. This is usually done in a circle with either one of the girls or the leader holding the flag. It is lead by the girl on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies job (3 min.).

Snack – The girls usually have snack. The girl who brought in the Brownie Tin serves the others. The Brownie Tin is a container that holds the snack. This rotates on a weekly basis – alphabetically. Drinks are served by their Leader or a Program Aide. This is to avoid spillage. The others in the patrol hand out napkins and cups. They also help clean up. (10 min.)

Bathroom Break and clean-up – each girl clears her own place. The table is wiped down while they are in the restroom. (5-10 min.)

Meeting Activities: These can include anything from working on a part or parts of a Try-it, learning new songs, making crafts, going on a field trip, and planning future activities. This is usually done as a whole group. The Special Helper can help get ready for any activities that need supplies to be handed out etc. (30-60 min. depending on length of meeting).

Clean-up – All girls are expected to clean their immediate area. The putting away of supplies, sweeping the floor, emptying the trash and wiping down the table is done by the girl in the position of Clean-up on the Kaper Chart.

Closing Ceremonies - Friendship Circle and Friendship Squeeze. (3 min.)

Parent pick-up

*Program Aides are Cadette level Girl Scouts who have special training that enables them to assist Leaders with younger level girls (Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors)

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