Many years ago a band of pirates hid their treasure on a deserted Island. They know the Island now has people living there and soldiers who live in a Fort. They need to follow the Compass Directions to get back to the Island, cross a deep chasm and get past the Soldiers who live in the Fort to reclaim their Treasure.

You are the Pirates trying to recover their Treasure by performing different tasks.

For each Task performed successfully you will receive a token for your team.

Tokens are exchanged for Treasure at the end of the Game.

Station 1 Follow Compass Directions to Island

Using Compass and map provided, each Pirate completes the puzzle to see which Pirate Ship reaches the Island. (Girls who complete quickly, also attempt the Dragon)



Paper Charts



Station 2 Throw Rope across Chasm

After the Pirates land on the beach and climb the dunes, they find they have to cross a deep chasm. Each Pirate attempts to throw a rope across. At least half must accomplish this. Anyone who fails to throw rope far enough, have them demonstrate tying reef knot.


Outside at Back

Mark out distance rope has to be thrown.

Long Ropes

Station 3 Carry Wounded and Splint and Sling Broken Arm

One Pirate fell from the rope and broke his arm. You have managed to get down to him.

You now have to splint his broken arm and put it in a sling and carry him to safety.

Outside at Back

Mark out distance for carrying



Station 4 Fool Garrison by Marching properly

To get by the Guard, you have to pretend to be real soldiers and march smartly past the entrance to the Fort. One girl acts as the Sergeant and marches her team past the guard at the entrance to the Fort. You are allowed three tries.

Guard at Front Entrance


Pirates go down outside steps, get in formation at side by school and then march past guard and up other side.


Tables set up in middle for help-yourself service of food and drinks. Chairs around sides hallbut many may have to stand.

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