Thinking Day On The Air (TDOTA)

Taking Part in TDOTA
Perhaps you want to take part in TDOTA, this always takes place on the third complete weekend in February, So in 2005 it will be on 19th and 20th February.
You will need to find a tame radio amateur (TRA), and a suitable hall, and plan it at least a month beforehand.
Your TRA may apply for a "Special Event Call Sign" which contains three letters, which should have a special meaning for your unit. One such call sign is GB4GHG for Goring Heath Guides. The TRA will need help in setting up the radio station and the antenna (aerial).

All participants will need to learn the phonetic alphabet, and be able to spell their own names. The Phonetic Alphabet is given below. If you can invite some Brownies, all the Brownies may be able to get their Radio Communication badge. If you do want to do this, make sure that your TRA knows that you expect this, and make sure he or she has seen the syllabus beforehand. Be sure to help them to learn the Phonetic Alphabet first.

Looking After Your Amateur
As well as organising the radio station, someone must look after the radio amateur who is running the station. The Guides and Brownies who visit will not all be there all day, and can bring their own refreshments. However, the radio amateur is being very good to you, and you need to look after him or her. Make sure he or she has enough to drink, it is thirsty work running a radio station! Does he or she prefer tea, coffee or water? What are you planning to give him or her to eat? Will the food be healthy? It's not much good if each member of the patrol bring the same thing - especially if it a packet of crisps. Even if you cannot run a station, your patrol can plan how you would look after someone who is helping you to achieve something like this. Would you need to provide hot food? Do you have somewhere safe to cook it? What facilities are available to you?

The Phonetic Alphabet
A Alpha - B Bravo - C Charlie - D Delta - E Echo - F Foxtrot - G Golf - H Hotel - I India - J Juliet - K Kilo - L Lima - M Mike - N November- O Oscar - P Papa - Q Quebec - R Romeo - S Sierra - T Tango - U Uniform - V Victor - W Whisky - X X-ray - Y Yankee - Z Zulu

The Phonetic Alphabet given above is the international one that is used now. Your grandparents may remember a different one, beginning: Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog

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