Saint Andrew's Day ideas

collated from the GuidingUK email list

Tiddly Winks Golf (St Andrews Golf Course!!) Green - Tissue paper, Hazards made from any rubbish !!! and a "Hole" from an egg box "Cup". Counters for Tiddlywinks. Could take the whole evening - do a hole at a time in patrols, then when each has finished whole patrol move on to the next hole.

Scottish crafts : Create your own tartan, make a furry 'haggis' pompom, try Highland dancing, make/eat Scottish foods? Make a St Andrew's card (maybe with heather/flag etc.) For older girls, punched card embroidered "Thistle" (pattern from HGC Thirtover.)

Highland Games : Tossing the 'caber' - cardboard inner tube, preferably from carpet so it's large - is great fun, or make a caber out of several largish tubes stuck together and stuffed with newspaper. You could buy an inflatable hammer for hammer throwing or make a hammer out of a length of dressing gown cord (or something equally soft) with a bean bag sort of thing on the end. (So you could swing it round) and shot putting with a bean bag.

Eats : tablet (hard fudge) - recipe on this site; can also try Edinburgh Rock, shortbread, of course, highland toffee. Drink Irn Bru!

Game : Nessie the Loch Ness Monster : Each Guide or Brownie to draw the Loch Ness Monster using the description below (need to provide paper and pens or crayons)
Nessie has long ears, black eyes[all four of them] and yellow teeth.
Nessie has skin covered with blue and orange spots.
Nessie has a horn on her nose and feathers growing round her ears.
Nessie has a curly tail in green and yellow stripes.
Nessie has a huge round body with nine spikes down her back.
Nessie has three legs with five sharp red claws on each foot.
Compare drawings and possibly give prizes?


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