Sparkly bangles

You need:
* aquarium hose (approx 20-25cm per girl)
* in line connectors for above (one per girl)
* glitter or tiny (non water soluble) cake sprinkles
* scrap paper or a funnel

The hose and connectors are available from some DIY shops as well as aquarium/fish specialists and many pet shops.

What to do:
1. Cut tube to right length for a bracelet. Remember too long is better than too short! Insert the in-line connector into one end.
2. Make a funnel from a paper cone (or use a proper funnel if you have one) and use to fill tube with glitter / cake decorations.
3. Disguise connector with coloured tape or embroidery thread.

* layer different colours of glitter for a stripy bangle
* snowstorm bracelet: put in a little glitter and top up with water.