Names - e.g. mess tent = Swamp,

Patrols = any fairy tale characters / main
characters in the film.

Basic first aid ~ Shrek got an arrow in his bum.

Co-operation games ~ comes into every quest after all.

Discrimination ~ the Fairy Tale folk were persecuted for being different
(there were some good activities on this in 'Everybody Inc', this year's Red
Nose educational pack ... or there are a couple in 'On The Line', available
on CHQ's web site).

Camp Fire skits - get them to re-write a fairy tale giving it a modern twist
/ to last no more than five minutes.

Must be able to get a wide game out of it since he was on a quest.

Balloon modelling - Fiona & Shrek do some on the way back.

Gingerbread men - remember to break their legs off and dunk them in the

Blind date

Quiz on Fairy Tales

Sign painting competition - though a little more adventurous than just "Keep

Karaoke / campfire

Making a camp shower (Shrek in the opening credits .. though I'd use water
rather than swamp mud!)

Could probably get a jousting tournament in (although it didn't quite happen
as Shrek bashed them all) with one Guide as the knight and another two as
the horse, get them to knock things down with their lance, hoop them up,

Get the Guides to act out favourite bit / role play what they'd have done.

At least one meal could include slugs (sausages), eye balls (pickled
onions), swamp mud (mash) and any other swamp food :

Pioneering project - make a rope bridge.


On the Funology site they've got recipes from Shrek's kitchen :o)

Shrek's Baked Weed Rat Meatloaf - Try this for dinner! The recipe serves

Ants in the Sand - Grab a handful and munch this tasty snack.

Bugs on a Swamp Log - An easy snack to make for you and your friends.

Toadstools - Grownups will love these as much as the kids do!

Shrek Swamp Pie - Green is the color of choice for this
tasty pie.

Donkey's Dirt Cake - Now who wouldn't want dirt cake for dessert?

Princess Fiona's Favorite Critters in the Hay - A great snack for the whole

Some Shrek craft ideas and pictures can be found on


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