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At what age can you.........Quiz

Balance The Books
Independent Living : download*
(you will also need Starting Salaries )

Look Wider Unit Record Chart .... download*

Look Wider Individual Record Chart download*

Making It Count (Summary)

Making It Count Record Sheet download*

Now that you're a Young Leader

Promise and Law

Promise Ceremony Ideas

Queen's Guide Syllabus .... download*

Sample Unit Charter #1

Sample Unit Charter #2

SS Clipart

SS Uniform Options

Taps - music, score and words in eighteen languages

Young Leaders' FAQs

Lots more things applicable to Seniors as well as other ages can be found on Table of Contents

Girlguiding UK Senior Section pages

Girlguiding UK Resource Links

Girlguiding UK have now placed all these resources in their password-protected section. Providing a direct link would not work, as you have to be registered, logged-in and "upgraded" (i.e. have had your membership number verified by their system) in order to access the links.

If you have not already registered / upgraded with the Girlguiding UK website, follow the following procedure :

  1. Click on this link : : the site will open in a new window so you can continue to switch between the two and read both this and the new pages.

  2. On the Girlguiding UK home page at the bottom of the left-hand (blue) menu panel there are two log-in boxes - if you are already registered but not upgraded, log in now; if you are not registered, click on the 'Not registered - register now' link and follow the instructions.

  3. Once registered and logged-in, to access programme information, resources etc., you will need to upgrade by entering your membership number (the one on your membership card, or on the yellow sheet for census - if you can't find it, there is provision for them to look it up.)

  4. Once you have completed registration and upgrading you should have access to all areas of the website, including badge syllabuses and Girlguiding UK clip art in the Members' Area. You can also save your own "favourites" to a folder on the site.

  5. If you do have difficulty (e.g. finding a "temporarily closed for maintenance message), be persistent. I eventually had to email the Web Team to get my upgrade done, but it does seem to be working now!


*To download where applicable, right-click on the link and select "save target as..."

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