The word "sangam" is Sanskrit for "coming together" and is a very apt name for this particular World Centre. Sangam is the Guides' World Centre in Pune, India - very convenient for visiting the Taj Mahal, Delhi and Jaipur while you're there.

Sangam has its own website - - with everything you need to know if you want to pay them a visit, but one or two things need to be noted first :

  • The Sangam website has recently been redeveloped and now includes a lot of new information, including events as far ahead as 2004 -2005

  • Progammes at Sangam all include
    • a theme relevant to today's world
    • Indian life and culture
    • Common Links in Guiding/Girl Scouting .
  • Formal events are not arranged from April to June as these are the hottest months, but informal visitors are welcome.

  • International events are organised from July to March.

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